Ensure your family has one less thing to worry about

picWhen your family is dealing with your loss, the last thing you want to do is burden them with your final medical bills and funeral costs. Preparing now with Final Expense insurance lets you leave behind only fond memories and a lasting legacy you will be proud of.

Although hard to talk about, final expenses can be a major burden to your family and loved ones. Final Expense insurance will help protect your family from unforeseen expenses should the unthinkable happen. Imagine the peace of mind you will enjoy knowing that for a small investment each month, your family will receive a tremendous benefit when they need it most.

How Much Could My Final Expense Life Insurance Cost?


Transfer of Deceased$250
Professional Services$1,817
Casket & Vault$3,490
Memorial Service$125
Facilities Charge$845
Graveside Service$325
Other cash payments, including cemetery plot, headstone, etc.$2,500
TOTAL COST$10,255*

Isn't Final Expense The Same As a Burial Policy?

Flexibility makes Final Expense Life Insurance different from burial protection policies which typically only cover the costs of burial. Your Final Expense policy lets us fit the policy coverage to your exact needs; you choose the amount of coverage you want.

NO MEDICAL EXAMS are needed with Final Expense Life Insurance. We simply fill out a short application together and no trip to a physician is required.

Why Legacy Life Insurance Solutions?

We are independent, licensed and state regulated Final Expense specialists that shop through all the top carriers to find the right plan for you... and at NO COST TO YOU! We work with the top insurance companies, but we aren't employed by them or held "captive" by them so we are free to find and choose the best coverage for you that meets your needs and fits your budget. We come to you and work with you in person to help you make the right choice, and then we complete all the necessary paperwork and watch over your application until the policy is issued and we deliver it to you.

  • Independent, licensed agents
  • Personal one-on-one service
  • You pay NO fees for our services
  • We complete all the necessary paperwork
  • We come to you. No need to travel to an impersonal insurance office

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