Retirement Planning

Wealth Transfer & Retirement PlanningAt Legacy Life, we focus on retirement planning from a perspective of growth with safety, while minimizing or eliminating income taxes in your retirement years.

There are a number of investment vehicles you can choose from to save for retirement. Most people, when thinking of retirement planning, are familiar with plans such as a 401(K), 457, 403B, or IRAs and ROTH IRAs. Generally these retirement/investment vehicles are funded with stocks and bonds... that inherently expose you to market risk. Or you can play it safe with traditional CDs, money market or savings accounts that provide safety, but with significantly lower growth potential. Plus you must also take into consideration the tax implications of these different investment options. Do you pay the tax now... or later?

What if there was a way to combine the best of both worlds and protect yourself from downside market risk while experiencing the opportunity for excellent growth? That is what we offer at Legacy Life using either Indexed Universal Life (IUL) or Fixed Indexed Annuities; both insurance products that can give you the best of both worlds.

Indexed Universal Life (IUL)

Indexed Universal Life (IUL) can become a phenomenal retirement savings vehicle with the added value of a death benefit. An IUL allows you to participate in the upside of the market, while protecting you from downside risk. But perhaps the IULs most attractive feature is its ability to give you access to your accumulated retirement savings without a taxable event. That's right! When properly set up, you can access your retirement funds without paying income taxes as you would with other retirement programs. There is virtually no other retirement/savings vehicle today that can provide this capability.

Fixed Indexed Annuity (FIA)

Annuities have been around since the days of the Roman Empire. They have been used for centuries to provide a lifetime income to individuals retiring from various occupations. In the past, annuities have been fairly rigid in the way that they were structured. Once they were turned on, you received a fixed sum for the rest of your life... regardless of how long you may have lived. Today's modern annuity maintains the concept of an income for life (you can never outlive the income) but adds to that flexibility in the way you can receive payments plus adds a guaranty component to ensure that you receive a minimum growth percentage in your account no matter what happens in the rest of the financial world. So here again, you participate in the upside of the market, while being protected from downside risk.

Both IULs and Annuities are exciting retirement savings options that we can look at for you. It just takes a few minutes to gather some needed information and then we see which options might be best for your ideal retirement program.

Wealth Transfer

Wealth Transfer refers to the concept of how best to pass on excess wealth you may have accumulated, to the next generation or to a charitable organization of your choice. Utilizing Single Premium Life Insurance (SPL) products, we can take a lump sum amount of money and immediately guarantee a benefit amount that can be as much as double the original amount. The individuals or charitable organization receive the proceeds upon your passing. The policy is paid up in full from day one, so you never need to worry about ongoing premium payments of any kind.

But what if you have funds that you would like to pass on, but you are concerned that you might possibly need them for medical or long-term care expenses in the future? No problem. We have programs that allow you to access the funds you put into an SPL policy today, at some future date if you should find you need these funds down the road for certain medical or health care expenses.

Why Legacy Life Insurance Solutions?

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